To ants, bacteria are tiny

To us, ants are tiny

Sometimes we think we are the biggest and best things that ever happened. Ever. How wrong we are. We are but an infinitesimal speck in the universe. Just like how we can easily wipe out a colony of ants with the snap of a finger, something much bigger can just smite us in an instant.

However, one thing distinguishes the human race from the ants. Selfishness and selflessness. The human race is a selfish species. Almost everything done is for personal gain. Sure, there are kind and generous people out there, but the number of people who aren't outweighs their existence by a million times. Unlike ants who strive together to safeguard their home, to help to improve their lives, humans are just waging wars against each other, on the grand global scale or even personally. Whats going to happen when the real thing happens, I wonder. When that something much bigger comes to destroy us.

We would be nothing. Crumbling