A Clear Mind, A Blank Slate

A few thoughts from today

Today, I decided to pack and organise my previous room, which had become some sort of adhoc storage area. Something my parents have been pestering me for years to do. I guess I was in the mood to do some cleaning so I went ahead. It was definitely something I did not think I would ever do in a million years.

Heres a short entry on facebook while I was packing the room.
I never really grew up playing with store bought toys, because I was never that interested in them.
What I did enjoy was watching national day parades, so I grew up making models and dioramas of parade stages, and even the floating platform. I would play with these handmade toys for hours on end, rearranging the little performers and mimicking the lighting with various torchlights I had acquired. These dioramas grew really complicated and elaborate over the years, sometimes with actual moving mechanisms and proper lighting kits that I bought from the school bookshop for $1.50.
I guess all these years of making these models have helped me greatly when it came to building proper models for architecture. And it totally breaks my heart to have to throw all this away, my childhood memories..
The room and what it contained had sentimental value to me. Its probably because I'm a really sentimental person. On the outside, I put on a brave front, being confident and defensive at times, when deep down, I'm an overly sensitive person, a person who is sentimental.

To my parents and many people, whatever that was accumulated was junk. But to me, everything inside meant something to me.

After packing most of the room and taking a shower, it occurred to me that the room was in a way a visual representation of my mind. Before it was packed, it was messy and cluttered. It even took me a good 5 minutes just to get to the other side of the room, having to plan each manoeuvre around the room carefully. However, once I got rid of unnecessary items and junk, the room became open and inviting, and it was so much easier to walk around it. It was so difficult for me to throw away some items, especially the fore-mentioned items in the facebook entry. Believe me.

Our mind is sometimes like the room. We clutter it with so much unnecessary information, thoughts and emotions that prevent us from thinking or functioning properly. Its very difficult to let go of a memory, good or bad. I mean, I'm not saying that we should all let go of our happy times, but the bad ones? Definitely.

I always thought that I might need some of these items one day, hence I decided to keep them. I also thought that one day, the friends who have turned their backs on me will come around and we can all be happy again. But some things are not meant to happen.

When you let go of these negative thoughts, your mind is set free. Stop harbouring on things that are dragging you down. You've got to let it go.