Holiday Projects

Hi all!

Currently I'm having my holidays from poly life aka architorture. Well architecture is actually rather interesting for me so I actually kinda enjoy it. So for the past two weeks, I've been working on my apartment design for my project, and just recently, I've been commissioned to do corporate branding for a company, I can't what yet..

But it is my largest project to date, so I'm actually relatively excited about it!

Oh, and look whats hot off the printing press! 

My namecards! Super stoked about it. I've been wanting to print my namecard for the longest time now, so to be able to check that off my to-do-list makes me happy! and the namecards come in three designs to choose.

So if you see me in real life, feel free to ask for one. But don't go bonkers and collect them like some people (aka me) when they collect mc donald's hello kitty dolls.

Bye for now