To ants, bacteria are tiny

To us, ants are tiny

Sometimes we think we are the biggest and best things that ever happened. Ever. How wrong we are. We are but an infinitesimal speck in the universe. Just like how we can easily wipe out a colony of ants with the snap of a finger, something much bigger can just smite us in an instant.

However, one thing distinguishes the human race from the ants. Selfishness and selflessness. The human race is a selfish species. Almost everything done is for personal gain. Sure, there are kind and generous people out there, but the number of people who aren't outweighs their existence by a million times. Unlike ants who strive together to safeguard their home, to help to improve their lives, humans are just waging wars against each other, on the grand global scale or even personally. Whats going to happen when the real thing happens, I wonder. When that something much bigger comes to destroy us.

We would be nothing. Crumbling

A Clear Mind, A Blank Slate

A few thoughts from today

Today, I decided to pack and organise my previous room, which had become some sort of adhoc storage area. Something my parents have been pestering me for years to do. I guess I was in the mood to do some cleaning so I went ahead. It was definitely something I did not think I would ever do in a million years.

Heres a short entry on facebook while I was packing the room.
I never really grew up playing with store bought toys, because I was never that interested in them.
What I did enjoy was watching national day parades, so I grew up making models and dioramas of parade stages, and even the floating platform. I would play with these handmade toys for hours on end, rearranging the little performers and mimicking the lighting with various torchlights I had acquired. These dioramas grew really complicated and elaborate over the years, sometimes with actual moving mechanisms and proper lighting kits that I bought from the school bookshop for $1.50.
I guess all these years of making these models have helped me greatly when it came to building proper models for architecture. And it totally breaks my heart to have to throw all this away, my childhood memories..
The room and what it contained had sentimental value to me. Its probably because I'm a really sentimental person. On the outside, I put on a brave front, being confident and defensive at times, when deep down, I'm an overly sensitive person, a person who is sentimental.

To my parents and many people, whatever that was accumulated was junk. But to me, everything inside meant something to me.

After packing most of the room and taking a shower, it occurred to me that the room was in a way a visual representation of my mind. Before it was packed, it was messy and cluttered. It even took me a good 5 minutes just to get to the other side of the room, having to plan each manoeuvre around the room carefully. However, once I got rid of unnecessary items and junk, the room became open and inviting, and it was so much easier to walk around it. It was so difficult for me to throw away some items, especially the fore-mentioned items in the facebook entry. Believe me.

Our mind is sometimes like the room. We clutter it with so much unnecessary information, thoughts and emotions that prevent us from thinking or functioning properly. Its very difficult to let go of a memory, good or bad. I mean, I'm not saying that we should all let go of our happy times, but the bad ones? Definitely.

I always thought that I might need some of these items one day, hence I decided to keep them. I also thought that one day, the friends who have turned their backs on me will come around and we can all be happy again. But some things are not meant to happen.

When you let go of these negative thoughts, your mind is set free. Stop harbouring on things that are dragging you down. You've got to let it go.

knowing where to draw the line

Just a few thoughts that came to mind.

A recent spade of emotions just reminded me of what my ex colleague once told me during an ugly incident that happened in the work place.

I was emotionally distraught and bawling my eyes out.

However, what he said to me really struck a chord.

"You have to recognise a negative situation, and if you know that its not benefitting you, you have to take a step back away from it".

Many a time we experience such situations, we keep thinking that maybe we should just ride out the storm, but I guess sometimes, we just have to turn a blind eye.

If its not benefitting you, keep it away.

If its dragging you down, cut it loose.

Another National Day Parade Draws to a Close

Yes, I cannot over-emphasise this enough.


Possibly the biggest NDP fan there is. Ok, except for this old uncle who has gone to every single parade since 1965.

And yes, I've watched this years show 4 times. Broke my past years records of 3. Really need to thank God for the tickets. I've never actually won tickets through the balloting system before though. I have to spend hours asking people to ballot, or entering random contests to win tickets, or if im lucky, people give them to me as a surprise.
Ticket stubs 

The fourth time I went to watch NDP 2013 was on the actual day, with Ethan, Chi Khay and Sarah. Cloudy weather, which forced the committee to cancel the red lions display. But I've watch it countless times before, and three times I've seen shirley, the first female red lion, jump down from the helicopter.
Apex gang

I have to say that this year's show was very refreshing, as compared to previous years' where the mood was very sombre and serious. I guess the variety show concept did work. It was also very 'musical-ish', probably because the creative director is the fabulous Selena Tan. She is one of the dim-sum dollies for those that don't know her.

I thought it was a rather interesting breakaway from the traditional parade, since it did not start with the ever cliche multi-racial dance items, but rather, it started with a story telling session, flanked by a huge human LED display by SOKA. Shoutout to Shaun So, who was one of the 800 pixels that formed the screen.

Then it moved on to the Build, Reinvent and Free segments. Love love love this segment especially the Build segment. The soundtrack was sooooooo good. I think what was nice was that it showcased ordinary singaporeans with their names and job titles, but it didnt show on the tv broadcast, so some meaning might have been lost to the home viewers.
Fireworks for Build, Reinvent and Free

The segment that had all the songs of the different places in singapore was also really good. With my favourite (EXTRA EXTRA FAVOURITE) acapella group Vocaluptuous. Very ingenious way of weaving in the usual multi-racial segment into the places of singapore. Listening to Sebastian's voice is super sexy la. His voice is so smooth and all. Hope his red eye gets better though. Siti's rap also so sedappp la. Totally love rapping along to the jurong west rap. Rani's Kutty India song was just so catchy and addictive. And I finally got the words to one part of the song right.

Serangoon, Race course, Syed Alwi, Kerbau, Dunlop, Veerasamy. Roads of different ethnicity, here they're linked in unity.

Represent was cool too. My favourite part was when Laurentia came on her horse onto the parade grounds. I think she has proved to many that despite her circumstances, she is still able to achieve so much. And the bright smile on her face was like a symbol of hope for me. SHE WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY OMG :D Very good use of the digital projection, making the three-dimensional courts. Oh and the merlion was also really cute.
Fireworks to conclude Represent

Ramesh was also really cool, miming on stage. Important to note that he is deaf, so for him to mime perfectly to the video and multimedia projections is really incredible. Thumbs up man.

And finally, the Sing-a-nation part. There is alot of controversy over the whole song, that it sounds cheesy and kiddish, but you know what, I LIKE IT. Its so much more upbeat. And it features so many singaporeans from all walks from life, and no they are not acting, the things they are doing in the video is what they do in real life. So many people want to keep reusing Home every year, but NO, it gets really boring and depressing. Anyway, the whole item got even better when the fireworks exploded, and I mean EXPLODED during the last part of the song.
A magical burst of fireworks to accompany the Sing-a-Nation Choir

I thought the national anthem sung by Rani and Vocaluptuous was really heart-warming. I noticed that the slower pace and the addition of a marching band sound got much more people to sing. Every time I sing it, it makes me feel proud to be a singaporean.

Heres the best part of the day actually.

After the whole show, I decided to look for the creative director Ms Selena Tan. So Chi Khay and I went on a wild goose chase and searched the entire seating gallery, but no one knew where she had gone to. I was on the verge of giving up already, and I felt really bad to keep my friends waiting for over an hour. As we got our bags and walked down the gallery and waited, it just so happened that the show chairman was on stage and the camera was on him, and the camera panned to the left, AND WE SAW HER ON THE BIG LED SCREEN. omg, I literally freaked out. After she gave a speech and the video was played, I saw her walk down the 'grand' steps and I was like "No no no, dont walk awayyy!!!".

So along with my friends, we rushed down to the stage and we split into two groups. Ethan ran up the stage while Chi Khay, Sarah and I search the left ramp area.


At that point I just lost it, and I didnt give a damn and just ran on the stage. Eh we got stopped by the personnel though. But I pleaded with them and they let me walk around the 'cordoned' area. And there she was, taking photos with a few people and talking to Rani.

She asked me if I could help her take a photo, and I did.

When I talked to her, I literally broke down in tears. Four weeks of searching had finally paid off. She was so nice :)))))))))))))

I wont say what we talked about, but it was just such a magical moment omg. No words to describe
Ms Selena Tan and I

Really, best day ever omg.

Thank you Ms Selena! If you ever read this, I just want you to know that you have made my day/month/year!! :') *cries*

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore! Till we meet again next year.

 ps/ Ive yet to meet Ivan Heng, though im friends with him on facebook. hehe, in the future perhaps.
ps/s/ Really hope I get to work with Selena or Ivan or even Glen in the future *wish wish wish*

All Photos Taken by me. Please do not steal or copy ah. If you really need it, contact me :)

Holiday Projects

Hi all!

Currently I'm having my holidays from poly life aka architorture. Well architecture is actually rather interesting for me so I actually kinda enjoy it. So for the past two weeks, I've been working on my apartment design for my project, and just recently, I've been commissioned to do corporate branding for a company, I can't what yet..

But it is my largest project to date, so I'm actually relatively excited about it!

Oh, and look whats hot off the printing press! 

My namecards! Super stoked about it. I've been wanting to print my namecard for the longest time now, so to be able to check that off my to-do-list makes me happy! and the namecards come in three designs to choose.

So if you see me in real life, feel free to ask for one. But don't go bonkers and collect them like some people (aka me) when they collect mc donald's hello kitty dolls.

Bye for now

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